These graphic elements are part of U.S.VETS’ visual identity and their consistent use over time will serve as signifiers for the brand. The colors for these elements can be changed, but should be consistent with our brand color palette. 

star graphic element

Use the star as a graphic element.

yellow arrow

Use the yellow arrow to guide the eye to an important point.

example of transparent circle header

Use a transparent header circle with a dashed vertical line.

Example of large quotation marks

Use large quote marks to call out quotes.


yellow icons

Yellow Icons

blue icons

Blue Icons

green icons

Green Icons


Yellow pattern background
Blue pattern background
Camo pattern background with star

Use a star as a graphic element

Angle highlight

Think of the star in the U.S.Vets logo as a tool to create some great angles and eye movement. Keep the angles the same as they are in the star, for consistency.

Darker Green Banner

All graphic elements are available for download.