Racial injustice is not a new issue. Systemic racism has plagued these United States, its military, healthcare, equal housing, and treatment.


Minority veterans have a 44% higher risk of unemployment than non-minority veterans. And 17.3% of veterans of color report having experienced homelessness in their adult life, compared to 8.3% of white veterans.


As a society, we can no longer say we stand with our vets, without standing against the social inequities they face. U.S.VETS is working to address these issues head on…


With multiple sources of corporate and foundation funding dedicated to improving career access and employment opportunities for Black and other minority veterans, U.S.VETS will…


Support 40+ veterans in achieving employment and increase socioeconomic mobility by eliminating barriers and encourage networking opportunities and community connections.


Conversations and trainings for U.S.VETS staff and partners to best support the advancement of equity for Black and other minority populations, particularly those who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk.


Provide support for veterans to pursue career training, licensure, certification, educational opportunities, equipment, and other necessary resources, as well as assistance for Black and other minority veterans to pursue career training that supports long-term career advancement and resources that eliminate barriers to socioeconomic mobility.

For more information about D.E.I. education and training at U.S.VETS, contact Human Resources:

Dr. Kelly Price Noble, MAOM
National Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager mailto:kpricenoble@usvets.org
Direct: (213) 369-2575

Donald Grady
Vice President of Human Resources

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