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In 2021, U.S.VETS established the camo print as the official symbol of veteran support to show our patriotism and our pride. This year, with your help, we plan to reach even more people to end veteran homelessness in America!

Here’s how you can join us to MAKE CAMO YOUR CAUSE

Create Camo Product

Join our growing number of U.S.VETS shop partners. Create a camo product to benefit U.S.VETS and honor our nation's veterans. Sell on your site, our site, or both. We love to co-brand!

Engage Employees

As part of your company's Veterans Day celebrations, Make Camo Your Cause is a great way to rally employees to #HONORUSVETS. Sign up and let's start planning together!

Shop. Wear. Share.

Visit our SHOP page and get your camo on! Recruit family, friends, and colleagues to wear camo. Use #HONORUSVETS on social media to share and post personal stories about those who have served.

“Together, we will forever change what it means to wear camo here at home while putting an end to veteran homelessness. Thank you for uplifting our veterans!”

Stephen J. Peck

President & CEO, U.S.VETS

USMC ’68-‘71

Patrick Henderson MCYC

Make Camo Your Cause


Shop Camo. Wear Camo. Share Camo.