Our logo reflects the organization’s stature and reputation by emphasizing the U.S.VETS name. The logo should be used to represent U.S.VETS in all internal and external communications. Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography. It should never be re-created or typeset. 

Updated National logo

U.S.VETS National

Updated Barber's Point logo

U.S.VETS — Barber’s Point

U.S.VETS — Hawai’i

Updated Houston logo

U.S.VETS — Houston

U.S.VETS — Inland Empire

U.S.VETS — Inglewood

U.S.VETS — Long Beach

Updated Las Vegas logo

U.S.VETS — Las Vegas

U.S.VETS — Patriotic Hall

U.S.VETS — Phoenix

U.S.VETS — Prescott

U.S.VETS — Wai’anae

U.S.VETS — Washington D.C.